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Policy Implementation Support And Teacher Empowerment For Citizenship Education


Our Objectives



Reviewing, analysing, comparing and classifying existing policy approaches to the development of citizenship education (with a specific reference to how teachers and schools are prepared and supported to implement the respective policies), pointing out what works where and at under which conditions, thus identifying inhibiting and enhancing factors in the different contexts.


Production of guidelines and toolkits

Proposing and testing self-assessment instruments and training modules enabling future teachers and in-service teachers to implement effective learning strategies, adequate to develop the set of pupils/student’s competences related to democratic citizenship: this will be done by using the work of the Council of Europe as a reference for context-based national and local


Good practices and methodological instruments

Developing a collaborative open platform and giving access to good practice examples and methodological instruments for schools implementing “whole school” citizenship education projects; also in this case a key reference will be the “Democratic Schools Network” approach.


Policy Recommendations

Maximising the impact of the project activities in terms of support to inform large scale implementation of the validated good practices.

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Zentrum polis has been directly involved in the implementation of the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) since its publication. This includes national implementation efforts as well as a contribution to a pan-european dissemination of the framework.

In the CITIZED project we can learn how other european countries work with and apply the RFCDC, what potential is attributed to it in different political contexts and how different pedagogical cultures complement the framework. What is most valuable to us, ist hat we can test how existing methodological and didactic approaches spanning the continent can be linked to the RFCDC.

The project activities and discussions with the partners so far have lead to a deeper understanding of our work with the RFCDC.

As members of Zentrum polis, we believe CITIZED can contribute to raising awareness of the need for a democratic culture in education. The analyses we have done until now help policy-makers in their efforts to strengthen citizenship education. The main contribution we have identified is that the tools the CITIZED project has developed help to bridge the gap between policy and practice, therefore supporting teachers in their efforts to democratize the european school system.

Zentrum Polis

CITIZED’s added value can be identified in the obejctives of developing actions in the field of Citizenship Education; pursuing the work done in previous project Upper (use developed tools in schools etc.); exchanging with new organisation and strengthen the network around EIP Lab.

CITIZED could improve policy thanks to the dissemination of its work and approach (via policy recommendations for instance) but also thanks to the practices of direct partners or stakeholders that can spread in other organisations.