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Whole School Approach Toolkit

Introducing or re-introducing citizenship education according to 21st century requirements is not an issue that can be delegated to one or few “specialised” teachers, but is much more effectively done when the whole school is activating to define specific goals and principles of action, when it is engaging the local community of stakeholders and is agreeing an action plan articulated in different actions, objectives and monitoring procedures distributed in a medium term plan. During the phase, the project will identify and analyse successful practices (spontaneous and induced by public policies) and will propose a set of support tools for schools willing to undertake a systemic approach to citizenship education and potentially join the Democratic Schools Network promoted by the CoE.
The toolkit will be validated by 4 schools in its first version and then, after the necessary review on the basis of early feedback, proposed to at least 20 schools in the countries where partners are based. Meanwhile, feedback from stakeholders will be collected by the participating schools and by partners through different validation activities involving stakeholders’ network at the European level.

The toolkit was structured following some questions:

  • Which resources should it provide?
  • Only guidelines? Activities ? For whom?
  • In which form? Booklets? Tools? Collection of existing resources? Online? Interactive….?
  • What is feasible: What can the team achieve and what is not possible?
  • Many transversal educational issues strive for WSA: What does it mean for schools? Support? Overload? additional mission, possible synergy between CE and other issues?
  • Added value of a CITIZED toolkit? How should it position itself compared to CDC tools: as a complement? a simplification/ an example for implementation?

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